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Walter Schulze-Mittendorff

4. Kiev
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In 1912, he travels for several months to the city of Kiev in tsarist Russia, in order to work there. He gets to know the country and its people, and he notices the thirst for knowledge and how people will often fill their spare time with the reading of books. He is also quite impressed by their ability of solving seemingly unsolvable problems, in quite unorthodox ways. Streets, for instance, are widened, by simply moving the houses that stand in the way: they get sawed off at the base and are ultimately ‘re-placed’ a few metres further away from the street side! The experience gathered during his time in Russia may have later helped him in his realistic assessment towards the occupying Soviet army when in 1945 Berlin is freed by the Allies. He exercises caution, without giving in to panic.

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Walter Schulze-Mittendorff (centre, standing) abroad in Kiev, May 1912

Postcard to his mother, 1912