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Walter Schulze-Mittendorff

9. Never Again War
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From his experience as a soldier Walter develops a strict attitude against war. His decision – not to take part in another war almost amounts to a personal resolve, and as it is he never allowed himself to be drawn into militant actions again.
One of Walter’s first works after the war is the sculpture of the head of Karl Liebknecht, a German politician. Liebknecht’s unfaltering stance against the war, his personality and his fate motivated him to execute this memorial work.

Walter Schulze-Mittendorff, Portrait of Karl Liebknecht, 1920

On Januar 15, 1919, Karl Liebknecht and
Rosa Luxemburg, both born in 1871, were murdered by offiicers, right-wing veterans and now members of a paramilitary Freikorps. Many members of the Freikorps 
were later to make a successful career with the National Socialists.
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