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Walter Schulze-Mittendorff

19. Deep Insight

Form the time from at end of the war, around 1945, the times of excessive destruction and the collapse, the handwritten notes of Walter Schulze-Mittendorff contain a quoted phrase of deep insight. May it resonate here as a conclusion.

“If all possessions of a world are lost to you,
don’t be in pain about it, it is nothing;
and should a world's possessions be your own,
do not be pleased about it, it is nothing.
The pains will pass, as will the pleasures
Pass the world by; it is nothing.”


A Path Of Life – End of Part One

Walter Schulze-Mittendorff after the war working as costume designer
 at the DEFA (Deutsche Film AG), the film studio of the 
German Democratic Republic in Potsdam-Babelsberg.
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